Artefact Object Classses Scroll lvl.5 Ability lvl.10 Ability Lvl Player
A Flask Jewel all Tale of a Flask +40hp, +15str, con, qui, +5con cap, +5%spirit 50/46 2+
Healing Efficiency self Cheat Death self
A Gift of Love = Guard of Valor Armor Chest all Love Story +40hp, +18str/int, +15dex/str, +5dex cap/str cap, +4%melee/magic 51/46 7+
Shield Transfer self proc  DoT proc
Alvarus' Leggings Armor Legs all Alvarus' Letter +5%heat, cold, body, spirit, thrust, +36hp cap 51/50 3+
Water Breathing self +Shapechange Shark self
Arms of the Winds Armor Arms all Fish Scales +18dex, +12AF, +6fat, +7%crush, slash, thrust   12+
Confuse proc DoT proc
Athen's Shield Shield S / M / L Champion's Notes +10AF, +5dex cap, con cap, +3% heat, cold, energe, melee dmg 41/35 7+
Item weapon Damage Shield self
Atlantis' Tablet Jewel all Atlantis Tablet +18acu, +3magic, +40hp, +10AF, -5%magic 50/45 4+
Shapechange Alligator self proc Shapechange Sobekite self proc
Band of Stars Bracer all Kings Vase +5% matter, body, spirit, dex cap, con cap, +40hp cap 45/48 1+
Bolt Debuff
Bane of Battler Weapon Slash/Crush Bane of Battler +15str, con/dex, +6%crush, slash, thrust, +3%melee spd, +4%melee dmg /46 5+
Accuracy Buff self proc Shield Transfer self
Belt of the Moon Belt Caster Belt of the Moon +5%pow, +10acu, dex, +5% energy, spirit, crush 50/40 1+
Resist buff self Item Weapon Staff
Belt of the Sun Belt Melee/Archer Scholar's Notes +5fat, +40hp cap, dex, +5% energy, spirit, crush 50/40 1+
Resist buff self Item Weapon (no staff)
Bracer of Zo'arkat = Silver Horn Bracer Caster Apprentice's Notes +18acu, +5% matter, body, spirit, +6%pow, +4%spell range /40 8+
Summon Elemental Confuse
Braggart's Bow Weapon Archer Carved Tablet +6dex cap, qui cap, +2%bow spd, +5fat, +3%bow dmg, +5%bow range, +3bow 50/46 1+
Item Arrows Damage Proc self
Bruiser's Hammer Weapon Crush no-staff Tale of Bruiser +40hp/+3crush, +15str, con/dex, +6% spirit, energy, +8AF, +4% melee spd, +4fat 51/48 16+
Realm Lore Siege Lore
Ceremonial Bracer Bracer all Arbiter Papers +40hp, +18 str/con/dex/qui/acu, +5 str/con/dex/qui/acu cap, +40hp cap, +6% crush/slash/thrust/energy 50/45 1+
Mezz Feedback Stun Feedback
Cloudsong Cloak Caster Cloudsong +5%pow, +5acu cap, pow cap, +5%magic spd, +5%spell effect, +8AF 50/46 2+
Feather Fall self Arcane Buff aura
Crocodile's Tears Ring Ring all Tyrus' Epic Poem +4% heat, cold, energy, matter, body, +15acu /40 3+
Damage Conversion self proc Chants Effect aura
Crocodile's Tooth Dagger Weapon 1h Weapon Marricus' Journal +27str, dex, +2% melee spd, +3% style dmg, +4% melee dmg 51/46 3+
Stat Drain self proc Item ?
Crown of Zahur Armor Head all Advisor's Log +18 con/dex/int/acu, +8fat/pow, +5% crush, slash, +5con cap/dex cap/int cap/acu cap, +4%melee dmg 51/46 8+
Heal to END Transfer self
Power to Shield Transfer self
Healing Efficiency self
Arcane Buff aura
Cyclops Eye Shield S / M Damyon's Journal +40hp, +5% heat, cold, matter, body, energy/spirit, +8AF, +38hp cap 51/46 3+
Stealth Lore self Realm Lore self
Dream Sphere Jewel all Louka's Journal +5fat, +15AF, +40hp cap, +5% matter, crush, body 50/46 1-8
Shapechange Panther self Shapechange Panther group
Eerie Darkness Lighting Stone Jewel all Crafters Pages +3% heat, matter, crush, cold, body, slash, energy, spirit, thrust 50/46 2+
Item Necklace (resist, hpregen) Item Necklace (resist, mana regen)
Egg of Youth Jewel Jewel Healer Egg of Youth +12acu, +32hp, +5% crush, slash, thrust, +3% energy, spirit, +8% healing, +40hp cap 50/46 5+
Recovery self Raise Dead aura
Eirene's Hauberk Armor Chest Chain+ Eirene's Journal +15 str/int/emp, +5 str/int/emp cap, +5% slash, thrust, +4% style dmg/stat eff, melee dmg/heal eff. 51 6+
Stat Buff self Damage Conversion Proc self
Enyalios' Boots Armor Feet Studded+ Enyalio's Boots +15str, +40hp, +5str cap, dex cap, +10hp cap, +5% body, +10AF 51 11+
Confuse proc Speed Buff self
Erinys Charm Jewel Pure Caster Song of Erinys +40hp, +15int, con, +5% crush, spirit, energy, +5% spell rng 50/40 15+
Health Regen self perma Resist Debuff
Power Regen self perma
Eternal Plant Necklace Caster Healer's Notes +15acu, con, +5% heat, cold, energy, stat eff.   5+
Cancel Shapechange Regeneration self
Flamedancer's Boots Armor Feet Cloth Leather King Kiron's Notes +40hp, +15int, con, +5dex cap, +40hp cap, +5% body, +10AF 51 32+
Confuse Speed Buff self
Fool's Bow Weapon Archer Fool's Bow +18dex, +15qui, +3%arch spd, +5bow, +3% arch range, dmg 51/46 1+
DoT proc Siege Lore
Foppish Sleeves Armor Arms Cloth Leather Foppish Sleeves +15dex, pie, +5% slash, thrust, +5dex cap, pie cap, +6%pow   10+
Resist Debuff Stat Debuff
Gem of Lost Memories Jewel all Gem of Lost Memories +10con, +24hp, +4% matter, body, +2 archery/magic/melee, +2%rng/dmg /30 1+
Recovery Mezz Block
Goddess' Necklace Necklace Melee/Stealther Dianna's Letter +3% matter, body, spirit, +9str, dex, con, +10AF 45/43 1+
Heal self Stealth Lore
Golden Scarab Vest Armor Chest Leather non-piety Bence's Letter +15dex/cha, +5% crush, slash, thrust, +4% styledmg/arch rgn, melee dmg/arch dmg 51/46 1+
Resist Buff self perm Snare & Nearsight proc
Golden Spear Weapon Pierce Stealther Spear's History +4% melee spd, +12str, dex, +7% crush, slash, thrust, +4%style dmg 51/46 1+
Resist Debuff proc Item javelins
Guard of Valor = A Gift of Love Armor Chest all Love Story +40hp, +18str/int, +15dex/str, +5dex cap/str cap, +4%melee/magic 51/46 7+
Shield Transfer self proc  DoT proc
Harpy's Feather Cloak Cloak all Bellona's Diary +6% crush, slash, thrust, +4parry, +5melee spd 50/46 1+
Disarm Proc self Confuse
Healers Embrace Cloak Cloak Healer Vara's Medical Logs +15acu, dex, +40hp, +3% heat, energy, +5% heal eff 50/46 4+
Insta-Heal Insta-Heal aura
Jacina's Sash Belt Caster Tarin's Animal Skins +6% stat ehn, spl dur, +5%pow, spell rng, +5pow cap 50/46 16+
Arcane Siphon self
Resist Debuff
Insta-Heal aura
Replenish Power aura
Kalare's Necklace Necklace Caster Kalare's Memoires +5% heat, spirit, energy, power, stat enh, heal eff 45/41 1+
Realm Lore Heal over Time self
Maddening Scalars Armor Hands all Mad Tales +40hp, +15con/dex, +15qui/pie, +3%melee spd/+6% pow, +3%melee dmg / +3%cast spd 51/34 2+
Heal Damage Shield self Shapechange Wolf self
Malice's Axe Weapon Slash Story of Malice +15str, con, +40hp, +5str cap, con cap, +40hp cap, +5% style dmg, +5fat 51/47 7+
Debuff proc Stat Buff self
Mariasha's Sharkskin Gloves Armor Hands Archer Mariasha's Wall +3bow, +3%arch spd, rng, +4% crush, slash, thrust, heat, cold, energy 51/40 1+
Disease proc Item arrows
Nailah's Robes Armor Chest Caster Nailah's Diary +15int/pie, +5% crush, slash, thrust, +4%spell rng/+5%heal eff, +4% dmg 51/48 4+ 
Realm Lore Snare & DoT proc
Night's Shroud Bracelet Bracer all Dysis' Tablet  +40hp, +5% crush, slash, thrust, +10AF 45 16+
Pickpocket Bonus perma Experience Bonus perma
Oglidarsh's Belt Belt all Oglidarsh's Scroll +5str cap, +40hp cap, +15str, +40hp, +3% crush, slash, thrust 40/35 1+
Shield group Stat Drain self
Orion's Belt Belt all Great Hunt +9dex/acu/str, +20hp, +7qui/dex, +3% body, +4fat, +4%pow, +3%spd 30/30 1+
Experience Bonus perma Realm Points Bonus perma
Phoebus Harp Necklace all Phoebus Letter +3% crush, slash, thrust, +15acu, +6% pow, spell dur, spell rng /46 3+
Confuse Item Harp
Ring of Dances Ring all Public Notice +3stealth/+5%pow, +12 str/acu, dex, +5% crush, slash, +10AF 50/46 2+
Stealth Lore Debuff
Ring of Fire Ring Caster Ring of Fire +15acu, +40hp, +6% cold, pow, +5% spell dur 50 7+
Snare & DoT Resist Shield Drain
Ring of Unyielding Will Ring all Tribute to Adauron +28hp, +10con, +4% energy, cold, body, +5AF 30/30 1+
Snare & HoT DoT Proc & Hot
Scepter of the Meritorious Weapon Crush Adne's Letter +12str, dex, +4% matter, energy, +40hp cap, +5% melee dmg 50/41 4+
Stat Drain self proc Buff self
Scorpion's Tail Ring Ring all Wooden Triptych +7%pow, +4%mag spd, +8AF, +6% stat enh, healing eff /46 2+
Cure Poison self Cure Disease self
Shades of Mist Cloak Melee/Stealther Regarding Shades +3stealth/parry, +15str, qui, +10AF, +5% combat spd 50/46 2+
Stealth Lore Shapechange self Shade
Shield of Khaos Shield large Shield of Khaos +40hp, +3% heat, spirit, +5% melee spd, +8AF, +3shield, +32hp cap 51 8+
DoT proc Confuse & DoT
Silver Horn = Bracelet of Zo'arkat Bracer Caster Apprentice's Notes +18acu, +5% matter, body, spirit, +6%pow, +4%spell range 40 8+
Summon Elemental Confuse
Snakecharmer's Weapon Weapon SI Melee Julea's Story +3skill, +4% heat, cold, energy, matter, body, spirit, +3% mele spd, dmg 51/46 2+
Lifetap proc Damage shield self
Snatcher's Tale Bracer all Snatcher's Tale +40hp, +5con cap, dex cap, +4% crush, slash, thrust, +8AF 50 7+
Bountypoints Bonus perma Realmpoints Bonus perma
Spear of Kings Weapon Slash/Thrust Spear of Kings +4% crush, slash, thrust, matter, body, spirit, +5fat, +40hp cap, +5%melee spd /46 5+
Shield Proc self Buff area
Staff of the God Weapon Staff Trident of the Gods
Staff of the God
50 focus, +10AF, +5acu cap, dex cap, +5% energy, spirit, +5% spell rng/heal eff 51/46 1+
Snare Stealth Lore
Stone of Atlantis Jewel Pure Caster Helenia's Letters +3mag, +18int/pie, +5%pow, +5int cap/pie cap, +5%spl rng /46 8+
Item Staff Item Staff
Tartaros' Gift Weapon Staff Tartaros Gift +15int/pie, +50focus/+15dex, +40hp, +3mag/staff, +5%dmg 51/46 6+
Power Boost proc
Proc Buff
Regenerate proc
Traitor's Dagger Weapon 1h Weapon Wall Glyphs +10AF, +5str cap, dex cap, +40hp cap, +5melee spd /40 1+
Summon Elemental proc Offensive proc self
Traldor's Oracle Weapon Staff Traldor's Oracle +15int/pie, 50 focus, +5% casting/melee spd, +15dex, +6% heat, cold /36 1+
Arcane Shiphon Arch magery
Winged Helm Armor Head Studded+ Inscribed Stone +40hp, +5fat, +10AF, +15dex, str, +5% spirit, matter 50/46 1+
Speed Buff self Shield self
Wings Dive Armor Legs Studded+ Wings Dive +6% heat, cold, spirit, +40hp cap, +12AF, +6fat 51/46 3+
Featherfall self Heal over Time group proc


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