Darkness Falls

In April 2002 Mythic introduced a new dungeon. The 'new' idea behind this dungeon is the fact that only one realm at a time is owner of the dungeon and can enter through the homeland and the relic-keeps. It is the realm who holds the most of the available rvr-keeps. Whenever another realm conquers more forts the entrance for the opposing realms will be closed but other realm-members still in the dungeon can remain and will fight to survive against monsters and realm-opponents.
Im April 2002 stellte Mythic einen neuen Dungeon vor. Die 'neue' Idee dahinter ist die Tatsache, daß nur die Bewohner eines Realms zu jeder Zeit Zugang zu diesem Dungeon haben und von Ihrem Heimatland und den Relikt-Keeps eintreten können. Es ist jene Realm, welche die meisten RvR-Keeps besitzt. Immer wenn eine andere Realm mehr Forts besetzt, dann wird der bisherige Zugang geschlossen und andere Realm-Mitglieder können nicht mehr hinein, verbleiben aber darin und müssen nun nicht nur gegen Monster sondern auch die hereinströmenden Realm-Gegner kämpfen.
Last update: 20.10.2002 - Infos from Rorie McEwen (lvl 38 Paladin), HeaLer (lvl 37 Cleric), John King

Link to Dungeon-Map from Kirstena

Darkness Falls is the most unique dungeon that Mythic created.

Everything relies on seals to gain magic items, Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond Seals. The Seals are almost a system of money for DF. Think of them as Silver, Gold, and Platinum, respectively. From my assumptions, you start getting a regular flow of Emeralds from monsters around level 35-40; Sapphires are 40-45; and I believe you start gaining a steady (if you can call it that) supply of Diamonds around 45-50. Keep in mind, this is for soloing only.

Another unique feature of the dungeon is that all the realms have access. The only way to gain access to this dungeon is if your realm holds more keeps than everyone else, but this doesn't seem to stop people. More and more people are just pitching their tents within DF and staying their for the long haul, for better or worse. DF also seems to be a better place to gain a decent flow of cash. I've noticed at level 38, I've managed to gain a gold after 2-3 kills.

The atmosphere of the dungeon screams of the lower levels of hell. Ranging from the all too spectacular succubi, to the gruesome soultorn guardians. The soundeffects/imagry of the dungeon deffinately gives off the vibe of "Creepyness" and I'll admit there has been a few times when I've jumped from being attacked. A downside, I've noticed, is the fact that soloers seem to loose more exp than they gain. After killing a particularly vicious monster and you sit to rest, basking in the spoils of your kill, a nearby MOB spawns and finishes you off. Another downside I've also seen, as much as I hate to say, is the fact that people in the dungeon don't seem to care about one another, they just wish to hoard their seals. There have been a few times when I've died next to a Level 30+ Paladin/Cleric and they just continued to ignore me, or laugh at me. Other than that, the dungeon ain't too shabby :)


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