ToA introduced additional MasterLevel specialization. They are gained by completing the trials of Atlantis after reaching level 40. Each Trial has 10 steps to complete.
Please choose from the list below.
Mit ToA wurden zusätzliche MasterLevel Spezialisierungen eingeführt. Sie können ab dem level 40 durch das Bestehen der Trials of Atlantis Prüfungen erreicht werden. Jede Prüfung hat 10 Schritte.
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Master Level 1 Master Level 2 Master Level 3 Master Level 4 Master Level 5
Master Level 6 Master Level 7 Master Level 8 Master Level 9 Master Level 10

Master Level 1
Encounter Player Required / Notwendig
Useful / Nützlich
1.1 Ianetor's Fire 4 - 8 -
1.2 Lornas' Thiefs 1 - 8 -
1.3 The Clans 1+ -
1.4 The Barrier 4 - 8 -
1.5 Krojer's Champions 1 -
1.6 Kirkleis 5+ 1.1 Gem
1.4 Belt
1.7 Rassa's Portal 6+ -
1.8 The Ruby 5+ -
1.9 Desmona's Crown 4+ -
1.10 Face Cetus 5+ encounter 1.1 - 1.9
1.6 Ring
1.7 Mirror
1.8 Ruby
1.9 Crown
solo (prerequisite): Solo (Voraussetzung)
Must have Master Levels activated (at the Arbiter in ToA).
1.5 Krojer: You can do this solo or bring a friend to buff and heal you between the fights. Finish this encounter before you head out for a ML 1 raid.
group (half-prerequisite): Gruppe (Halb-Voraussetzung):
These encounters only give credit to one group, so either do it group-wise, or split your BG into groups to rotate through. Respawn times are 15+ minutes, so waiting is also an option.
1.3 Clans: One orange mob, you can almost try solo there.
1.2 Thiefs: A few mobs, easily done with a full group, works with less.
1.4 Barrier: A few mobs, only one group receives credit.
1.1 Janetor: Only gives credit to one group, but a battlegroup can help fight.
battlegroup (ML-raid): Battlegroup (ML-raid):
1.6 Kirkleis: Can be done with one good full group, but raids usually will do it at the beginning.
1.7 Rassa: Very difficult with just one group, but doable. Raids will probably farm a few for the mirrors.
1.8 Ruby: Deep purple mob, a good group can do but raids will usually farm a few for the rubys.
1.9 Desmona: Keep discipline to make this easy.
1.10 Cetus: You need the encounters 1-9 done to receive credit for this one. Listen to the instructions and you'll be successful.

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