ToA introduced additional MasterLevel specialization. They are gained by completing the trials of Atlantis after reaching level 40. Each Trial has 10 steps to complete.
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Mit ToA wurden zusätzliche MasterLevel Spezialisierungen eingeführt. Sie können ab dem level 40 durch das Bestehen der Trials of Atlantis Prüfungen erreicht werden. Jede Prüfung hat 10 Schritte.
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Master Level 6 Trial 5 - The Flame of Volcanus
The flame spouts in easternmost Volcanus guard the objects, the flames must be cooled! This is a solo encounter.
Location Ashen Isle (18k, 28k), Typhon's Reach
Player minimum 1 maximum 1 (solo)
Attention Canopic Jar Intestines useful for encounter 5.10
Attention This is a solo encounter, so it's considered prerequisite for raids. Be sure to finish it in advance.
Salamander Ash required for encounter 6.7
Salamander Wool required for encounter 7.1
  1. Locate the Crazed Adventurer near the edge of lava and talk to him.
  2. Kill salamander hatchlings to receive 20 Frozen Cold Glands.
  3. Give the Frozen Cold Glands to the Crazed Adventurer.
  4. You have 60 seconds after the popup window to run to each fountain and grab the 4 items.
  5. Once you have the 4 items they transform into a hammer.
  6. Use the hammer in your hotbar, target the Livid Salamander and use the hammer.
  7. The Livid Salamander dies and drops Salamander Ash (required for encounter 6.7).
  • You can be within a group or battlegroup, still each person needs to talk to the adventurer and finish its own quest.
  • If you farm the hatchlings on the right by the pedestal on the south side you get the least aggro.
  • If you leave the area either running, logging or releasing you will loose all Frozen Cold Glands you have collected.
  • If you start collecting the 4 items on the other hand and die before you have them all, they will stay with you.
  • The drops will protect you from lava damage, but it destroys drops instead.
  • You cannot buy time if you hit the <ok> button later, the 60 seconds start as soon as the message box pops up.
  • Salamander Hatchlings also random drop Salamander Wool. (required for encounter 7.1)

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