Skill Marksman - thanks to Dena, Gotti

Starting Profession: Novice Marksman

Skill list: Carbine, Pistol, Ranged Weapon Support, Rifle
Advanced Professions: Carbineer, Pistoleer, Rifleman
Hybrid Professions: Bounty Hunter, Combat Medic, Commando, Smuggler, Squad Leader

Getting Started:

Ranged Combat: To fight a creature or NPC, equip any ranged weapon and initiate an attack by just double-clicking on a target (or choosing Attack from the target' s menu). Start out by fighting creatures that have green or light blue starburst icons next to their HAM bars ( these are creatures you can defeat with relative ease).

Postures: During ranged combat, use postures to increase your accuracy. You can type /kneel, /prone, or /stand to move between postures.

Special Attacks & Abilities: You begin with at least one special ability or attack for use in ranged combat. You can use any special move by dragging it into your toolbar and clicking on the corresponding Function key ( F1- F12 ) when in combat.


Entfernungskampf: Um eine Kreatur oder ein NPC zu bekämpfen muß man eine Distanzwaffe in die Hand nehmen und das Ziel mit einem Doppelklick (oder dem Attack im Menue) angreifen. Man sollte damit beginnen, grüne oder hellblaue Ziele zu wählen, diese sind relativ leicht zu besiegen.

Stellungen: Während einem Distanzkamp kann man Stellungen verwenden, um die Genauigkeit zu erhöhen. Man kann /kneel, /prone, oder /stand tippen, um zwischen den Stellungen zu wechseln.

Spezielle Angriffe & Fähigkeiten: Man beginnt mit zumindest einem speziellen Angriff. Man kann Spezialschläge verwenden, indem man sie in die Toolbar zieht und dann die entsprechende Funktintaste im Kampf verwendet.

Earning Experience:

Rifle, Carbine, Pistol: You can advance through these disciplines in Marksman by defeating creatures or NPCs using the appropriate weapon type (pistol, rifle, or carbine) . You earn pistol XP for example by equipping a blaster pistol and using it to kill creatures or enemy NPCs.

Ranged Weapon Support requires General Combat XP. Every time you defeat any NPC or creature, you will receive a small amount of General Combat XP, regardless of the weapon used.

Erfahrung Sammeln:

Rifle, Carbine, Pistol: Man kann durch diese Disziplinen durchkommen, indem man Kreaturen oder NPCs mit der entsprechende Waffe (Pistole, Gewehr, oder Karabiner) besiegt. Man erhält zum Beispiel Pistolen XP indem man eine Blaster Pistole benutzt, um gegnerische Kreaturen oder NPCs zu töten.

Ranged Weapon Support benötigt generelle Kampf XP. Jedesmal, wenn man eine Kreatur oder NPC besiegt wird man eine kleine Menge generelle Kampf XP erhalten, unabhängig von der benutzten Waffe.

Earning Credits:

Marksmen can earn credits by taking Destroy or Deliver missions (from Mission Terminals or NPCs) and by looting defeated enemies. Marksmen can also sell any looted items on the Bazaar (although looted items are less valuable than crafted items), or to NPC "junk dealers."

Credits Sammeln:

Marksmen können Geld sammeln indem sie Zerstörungs- oder Zustellungs-Missionen übernehmen und dann die besiegten Gegner looten. Maksmen können auch die erhaltenen Gegenstände im Bazaar oder an NPC Schrotthändler verkaufen.

Corellia, Bela Vistal (6770 / -5715)
(6885 / -5785)
Corellia, Coronet (-0275 / -4390)
(-0165 / -4745)
(-0035 / -4370)
Corellia, Doaba Guerfel (3215 / 5250)
(3340 / 5515)
Corellia, Kor Vella (-3410 / 3395)
(-3130 / 2790)
Corellia, Tyrena (-5465 / -2755)
(-5250 / -2305)

(-5040 / -2325)
Naboo, Deeja City (4980 / -1425)
Naboo, Kaadara (5090 / 6785)
(5180 / 6630)
Naboo, Keren (1540 / 2750)
(1825 / 2615)
(1990 / 2515)
Naboo, Moenia City (4720 / -4995)
(4795 / -4730)
Naboo, Theed City (-4675 / 3995)
(-4865 / 4080)
(-5455 / 4090)
(-5980 / 4255)
Rori, Narmle (-5200 / -2445) Rori, Restuss (5445 / 5815)
(5530 / 5640)
Talus, Dearic (0540 / -2885)
(0585 / -2875)
Talus, Narshal (4285 / 5385)
(4365 / 5295)
Tatooine, Bestine (-1270 / -3540)
(-1260 / -3605)
Tatooine, Mos Eisley (3455 / -4665)
(3500 / -4760)
(3550 / -4710)
Tatooine, Mos Entha (1320 / 3105)
(1375 / 3045)
Tatooine, Mos Espa (-3030 / 2420)
(-2930 / 2120)

Marksman Abilities
Advanced Profession:
Hybrid Profession:
Bounty Hunter (+ Scout)
Commando (+ Artisan + Brawler)
Novice Marksman Master Marksman
+5 Carbine Speed
+5 Pistol Speed
+5 Rifle Speed
+10 Carbine Accuracy
+10 Pistol Accuracy
+10 Rifle Accuracy

D18 Pistol Certification
DH17 Carbine Certification
DTL20 Rifle Certification
Overcharge Shot 1 Command
Point Blank Area 1 Command
Point Blank Single 1 Command
+5 Carbine Speed
+5 Pistol Speed
+5 Rifle Speed
+10 Carbine Accuracy
+10 Pistol Accuracy
+10 Rifle Accuracy

Overcharge Shot 2 Command

Advanced Profession:
Carbineer Hybrid Profession:    -
I: Intermediate II: Advanced III: Expert IV: Specialist
+5 Carbine Speed
+10 Carbine Accuracy

DH17 Short Carbine Certification
DH17 Snubnose Carbine Certification
Leg Shot 1 Command
+5 Carbine Speed
+10 Carbine Accuracy

E11 Carbine Certification
Full Auto Single 1 Command
+5 Carbine Speed
+10 Carbine Accuracy

Laser Carbine Certification
Leg Shot 2 Command
+2 Ranged Defence
+5 Carbine Speed
+10 Carbine Accuracy

Action Shot 1 Command
DXR6 Carbine Certification
EE3 Carbine Certification

Advanced Profession:
Pistoleer Hybrid Profession: Smuggler (+ Artisan + Brawler)
I: Intermediate II: Advanced III: Expert IV: Specialist
+5 Pistol Speed
+10 Pistol Accuracy

Body Shot 1 Command
DL44 Metal Pistol Certification
DL44 Pistol Certification
+5 Pistol Speed
+10 Pistol Accuracy

DH17 Pistol Certification
Dive Shot Command
Kip Up Shot Command
Roll Shot Command
Scout Blaster Certification
+5 Pistol Speed
+10 Pistol Accuracy

Body Shot 2 Command
Power5 Pistol Certification
Striker Pistol Certification
+2 Ranged Defense
+5 Pistol Speed
+10 Pistol Accuracy

FWG5 Pistol Certification
Health Shot 1 Command
SR Combat Pistol Certification
Tangle Pistol Certification

Ranged Weapon Support
Advanced Profession:
- Hybrid Profession:    Combat Medic (+ Medic)
Squad Leader (+ Scout)
I: Intermediate II: Advanced III: Expert IV: Specialist
+2 Ranged Defense
+10 General Ranged Aiming

Aim Command
Threaten Shot Command
+2 Melee Defense
+10 General Ranged Aiming

Tumble to Kneeling Command
Tumble to Prone Command
Tumble to Standing Command
+2 Ranged Defense
+10 General Ranged Aiming

Warning Shot Command
+2 Ranged Defense
+5 General Ranged Aiming
+10 Alertness

Supression Fire 1 Command

Advanced Profession:
Rifleman Hybrid Profession:    -
I: Intermediate II: Advanced III: Expert IV: Specialist
+5 Rifle Speed
+10 Rifle Accuracy

DLT20a Rifle Certification
Head Shot 1 Command
Tusken Rifle Certification
+5 Rifle Speed
+10 Rifle Accuracy

Laser Rifle Certification
SG82 Rifle Certification
Take Cover Command
+5 Rifle Speed
+10 Rifle Accuracy

Head Shot 2 Command
Spraystick Certification
+2 Ranged Defense
+5 Rifle Speed
+10 Rifle Accuracy

E11 Rifle Certification
Jawa Ion Rifle Certification
Mind Shot 1 Command


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